This show baffles the non-believers, stuns the sceptics and leaves everyone awestricken. What you see is a fair display of magic, mind reading, showmanship and psychology, all fused together to create a marvellously mysterious evening. With audience participation throughout the show, anything could happen. Everything that you witness really happens without the help of planted audience members.

The show is not only hilariously funny, it will fool even the most intelligent of people. Those who have seen the show naturally compare what Liam demonstrates to what they have seen Derren Brown perform live and on TV. Although some techniques are similar, the show is entirely different and bursting with new, never before seen effects. With the possibility of Liam losing a lot of money, predicting the evening's events and also running the risk of seriously injuring himself, Liam puts a lot on the line for your pleasure.

For the show to be both engaging and mesmerising there needs to be involvement from the audience therefore, the show is packed full of random volunteers. After all, Liam needs minds to read! Not only will everyone be amazed at the miraculous effects presented, they will be left in utter astonishment. Liam's mind boggling magic show is simply entertaining and brings all occasions to life.

This show can vary in duration depending on what your requirements are. If the show is what you want, you can have Liam entertain anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours! The choice is yours.

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