If you wish to keep your age a mystery at your next birthday - what better way to do it than to hire a magician to distract your guest's attention? Not too much though or they may forget to give you the gifts!

If you are turning your birthday into a celebration for all your close friends and family and fancy having conjuring at the dinner table up-close and personal or a big mind reading show for all to watch, then look no further. Liam has performed his close-up magic and his mind reading show at all kinds of birthday parties and themed nights such as: 18ths, 21sts, dinner parties, fancy dress, disco nights and much more.

When it's your birthday, you can have anything you want…well almost. The amount of guests you will have will determine the style of magic suitable for your party. Here are Liam's recommendations:

Number of Guests

Type of Entertainment Recommended

20 or less

A mind reading and magic show lasting 30-40 minutes


Some close-up magic followed by a mind reading and magic show lasting 1hour-1.5 hours


Either close-up magic whilst the guests mingle, a mind reading show for all to see or a combination of both. The duration of Liam's stay will vary depending on what the clients' requirements are. Minimum duration of 1 hour is recommended


Typically, close-up magic is performed here although Liam does have a full mind reading show that can be used as the main attraction. This show is purely mind reading and consists of audience participation throughout. The show alone lasts approx 1 hour to 1.5 hours. If close-up magic is your preferred choice, a minimum duration of 1 hour is recommended

The above is only a recommendation. If you are looking for a specific type of magic performed at your party such as; card tricks alone, mind reading alone or you want close-up with less than 20 guests, Liam will advise if what you want is suitable.

If you are interested in booking Liam as the entertainment for your party, please click here for more information or to confirm a booking.

Please Note: Liam no longer performs at children's parties. If you have seen him perform in a Di Maggio's restaurant and are interesting in hiring a magician for your child's party, Liam recommends you contact one of Scotland's greatest magical entertainers Douglas Cameron for more information.