Mind Boggling Magic

Magic and mind reading (Mind Boggling Magic) is a new, exciting and fantastic way to entertain your guests. It fuses strong magic, mind reading, showmanship and psychological techniques to deliver a jaw-dropping experience suitable for all ages - especially the way Liam dazzles his audiences. Whether you want Liam's magic or his mind reading routines or even a mixture of both, you can be confident he will astound everyone at your next special occasion.

In this events section, we have categorised the most popular types of occasions Liam has been booked for. Click on each of them to find out more.

Weddings   Birthdays    Corporate  Show

Wait, There's More!

Don't be under the impression these are the only events Liam performs at. IT IS NOT! If you are holding a party for whatever reason and are interested in having this thrilling entertainment at your event, please visit the Contact page to see what Liam can do for you. He has much, much more up his sleeve! 

If you want your guests leaving your event with a lasting memory and feeling electric, book Liam here.

The amount of guests you will have will determine the style of magic suitable for your next event. Here are Liam's recommendations:


Number of Guests

Type of Entertainment Recommended

20 or less

A mind reading and magic show lasting 30-40 minutes


Some close-up magic followed by a mind reading and magic show lasting 1hour-1.5 hours


Either close-up magic whilst the guests mingle, a mind reading show for all to see or a combination of both. The duration of Liam's stay will vary depending on what the clients' requirements are. Minimum duration of 1 hour is recommended


Typically, close-up magic is performed here although Liam does have a full mind reading show that can be used as the main attraction. This show is purely mind reading and consists of audience participation throughout. The show alone lasts approx 1 hour to 1.5 hours. There is also the option to hire Liam to be the main entertainment whereby the show can last up to 2 hours if you wish! If close-up magic is your preferred choice, a minimum duration of 1 hour is recommended


The above is only a recommendation. If there is a specific type of magic entertainment you have in mind, please contact Liam.